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"I’m a soccer mom of a very pasty, almost transparent, young daughter and it’s been very difficult to find a sunscreen that protects her during her games. We live in Arizona where the temps get ridiculously high. We just had 4 games over the weekend in 95+ temperatures. I used your Bare Belly sunscreen one day and another one I’m trying out the next day. She and I both agreed that yours worked the best. She was still pasty as could be the evening we used yours. :-) I also used it the same day, as I take pictures of the team games. I felt as though my skin was just cooking during the day, but I was happily surprised that evening to see that I had no sunburn whatsoever. I’ve even turned a fellow soccer mom on to your sunscreen. She has difficulty finding sunscreen that doesn’t give her child a rash but says yours works wonders, and protects just as good. HUGE thanks from this soccer mom for making such a wonderful product."

- Shannon, Nano Minerals


"Love this so much! I put it on my 6yr old and 8mo old and didn't have any issues with their sensitive skin or them burning! Definitely a must have in my diaper bag!"

- Tracy, PA


"These products REALLY work. I am very fair skinned, light eyed, and light haired, and I didn't burn a bit. I have found my forever sunscreen. Thank you!"

- Robert


"Just ordered mine and started using last it!!! I've tried a lot of all natural/organic sunscreens and this is the first one that is so smooth, not at all smelly or chunky... Love it!"

 - Stephanie, GA


"Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My son has a severe allergy to sun screen except for one that was so expensive. I tried your body stick today and he did great. I love the body stick. It is a mess free, easy to use product. I will be getting more for the summer."

 - Sally, GA


"We are loving our BBO tub! My older sons immediately said "Wow, this smells really nice." My youngest son has bad Eczema, and this is the only sunscreen that doesn't make him react and actually improves his skin. I love how smooth my face feels after using it too. Thank you BBO!"

 - Ashley, GA


We just used our body sticks yesterday at the pool. Getting in and out of the pool and still protected. These products are amazing!

- Sonya, GA


I love your product. I used it the very next day at the Lauren's Run to raise funds for children's cancers. No sunburn for me!

- Chris, GA

 - From a green-living blogger in NC!


"I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how fantastic your 'bare belly' sunscreen is. We saw you at the Alive Expo in Atlanta. I was the old guy that already had a bad sunburn everywhere. You rubbed up one arm with your sunscreen. After the Expo I mowed the yard and worked in the garden. I put my regular 'Burts Bee' sunscreen on my other arm. Your stuff was still visible so I just decided this would be a good test.
8:30 pm taking a shower. Your sunscreen is still on! It did not sweat off. The other product did. A couple days ago my other arm started peeling from being burned so bad. But not the arm with your product. It was still there after you had applied it early in the day.
Applies very easily, stays on, and it works. Thank you for a great product. I will be reordering when the containers I bought from you at the Expo are used up."

- David, GA


"I used this sunscreen while fishing in an open bass boat on a sizzling Lake Fork in Texas last September. I am Irish and have no luck with the sun. But this sunscreen kept my skin protected. It doesn't smell like perfume, and isn't greasy. After three days on the water, I was pleased that I didn't burn, and my skin felt good and moist despite the dry air and relentless Texas sun. Thanks Bare Belly Organics! Fish on!"

- John, N.Y.


"So I placed my first order last month, was so excited to find this kind of a pure ingredient product line. I ordered 2 of the lip balms and 2 of the body sunscreens. Cannot wait for warm weather to try the body sunscreens, however; I see myself placing another order soon...... my boys and I are all LOVING the lip balm! In fact, we have already been fighting over who gets them. LOL Great products, totally recommend to all!!!"

- Jill, N.C.


"I love that the sun finally came out long enough today to hit the pool with my 3.5 yr old daughter. I also love the new sunscreen I have been using on her. As much as we fight eczema, rashes and skin abrasions that won't seem to heal, it's been wonderful using Bare Bellie Organics without causing more problems. Thanks!!!"

- Belinda, GA


"I have to tell you we spent the holidays in Hawaii and I took my stash of your sunscreens. Lisa this is the first time we didn't burn!! It was great not to mention so much healthier for all of us!  Thank you!"

- Tracy, California